Traditional Diwali gifts flood the markets during the months of October and November. Check out the article to get a few smart ideas.

Traditional Diwali Gifts

Diwali festival is the most celebrated festival in India. It is also known to be the largest gift giving and shopping festival of India. Exchange of gifts during Diwali is not a new tradition or a modern development. In the olden days people used to gift rice, grains and livestock’s., Later silver and gold took over as the conditions of people improved. Sweets and decorative items were made at home and gifted. The main idea behind the tradition of exchanging Diwali gifts is to increase the feeling of bonding, affection, love, and appreciation.
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People convey their respects, blessings, and good wishes by presenting gifts. The tradition of exchanging Diwali Gifts has taken a new dimension now. It is considered socially obligatory to exchange Diwali Gifts with all your loved ones. In ancient times when feelings behind gifts were far more important, people would exchange the traditional gifts like Lakshmi Ganesh coins, idols, puja thalis etc on Diwali. These gifts in that time were not expensive but they were considered a token of love and good wishes. This diwali renew the old culture by gifting traditional Diwali gifts.

Traditional Diwali Presents

Silver Coins
Presenting decorative silver coins is one of the fabulous options for traditional Diwali gift. The silver coins are an integral part of diwali celebrations all over India. These coins have images of lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi and it is believed that when you gift people with these coins, you are presenting them with blessings of the gods and also opening the doors of prosperity and wealth for them. These are regarded as best traditional gifts and are accompanied with scrumptious diwali sweets.

Ganesha And Lakshmi Idols
You can present brass idols of Lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi, as these are an important part of Diwali puja. According to traditions worshipping theses gods at the auspicious time of diwali brings in happiness, prosperity and wealth in the family. Select some beautifully crafted idols for you loved ones and let all the obstacles be removed and usher in spiritual prosperity and wealth.

Ganesha Brass Bells
Worshipping lord Ganesha is an integral part of diwali rituals and traditions. Present your loved ones with Ganesha brass bells. These brass bells carry the carved images of Ganesha in the middle. These bells can also be hanged on the doors or walls to welcome positive vibes and energy. These days you can also get beautifully framed pictures and cards to present them as a perfect traditional gift.

Diwali is a festival of lights, sweets, and crackers. Everybody wishes to celebrate diwali with the sweetness of mithais. It’s a tradition of gifting sweets to your neighbors, friends, and family. Traditionally people believe that the sweetness in the mithais bring sweetness to relationships.

Diwali Diyas
Lighting diyas stands as a symbol of fortune and is believed to bring in prosperity to homes. There are beautifully painted earthen lamps with wonderful designs, which are indispensable for the occasion. Light up your friends and family’s diwali by presenting them with a set of traditional diyas.

Puja Thali
A puja thali decorated with fancy items like the glasswork and artificial leaves with two fancy katories for roil-chawal, diyas made of clay, and materials required for puja also known as puja samagri is a wonderful traditional gift. This Thali has a significant role as it is used to indicate the arrival of goddess Lakshmi. Small footprints are drawn with rice flour and vermilion powder. Lamps are burnt throughout the night, and aarti is done with the puja Thali.