Goddeess kali is worshipped to destroy evil powers in the world.

Kali Puja

Kali Puja coincides with Diwali, the North Indian New Year, the festivals of lights .The national festival of the Bengalis, The Durga Puja ends with a somber tone. But soon after that people again rejoices at the festive mood of Diwali. Every households clean their houses and light up candles all over their houses. Children and adults set off firecrackers all night. No one sleeps on that night.

History of Kali Puja
The Kali Puja is held on the night of the New Moon in the Bengali month of Kartik. It is said that Maharaja Krishnan Chandra of Nawadweep gave an order that everyone, in his domain should worship Kali. According to history the present form of the image of Kali, is due to a dream

The Mythology of Kali Puja
Goddess Kali appears in various forms as an embodiment of Shakti, the eternal energy and cosmic power. She is also the Goddess of Tantrism or the Indian Black Magic. . Using the powerful imagery of paintings, sculptures, and writings, the celebration of Kali Puja explores and illumines the rich meanings of feminine divinity. Legend has it that Ma Kali was the Goddess of dacoits. But Ma Kali is the Goddess of common man the middle-class people, or the daily wage earner too.

The Image
The image of Kali usually shows her foot on Lord Shiva's chest, a severed head in one hand, her sword in the other, and wearing a garland of skulls. The actual puja takes place at midnight on the day of the new moon.

The main purpose of the kali puja is to seek the help of the goddess in destroying evil - both in the outside world and within us. Kali Puja is done to diminish the ego and all negative tendencies that hinder spiritual progress and material prosperity.

The rituals
The rituals of Kali puja are very plain and simple. Elaborate cooking or preparation is not needed to satisfy Ma Kali. Even 'soma ras' or pure wine is offered as a 'bhog' to Ma Kali.

The main puja starts at midnight and stretches till dawn. Ma Kali is worshipped amidst the bursting of crackers and display of fireworks.