On this auspicious festival of lights, shower your love in the form of gifts that will make your parents happy. Check out Diwali presents for parents.

Diwali Gifts For Parents

Diwali or deepawali is a festival of lights. Diwali has a strong association with the centuries old great Indian epic ‘Ramayana’. Diwali celebrates the returning of Lord Rama after his 14 years of exile. People celebrated his homecoming with lamps. This tradition of lighting up lamps has now become an integral part of the festivity. Another important aspect of Diwali is the offerings made to goddess Lakshmi who is considered the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
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Diwali is not just a religious festival, but a social one too. It is an occasion for union of family and friends, young and old, rich and poor and men and women. It is also a time to greet your elders and thank them for their blessings and love. Diwali has many customs to follow and one of them is giving gifts. If it is you, who has been receiving gifts till now; Diwali is the right time to grab the opportunity to shower the same love on your parents and elders by presenting them gifts. Honor your parents and show them how much you care and respect them, their sacrifices and time they shared with you by gifting those Diwali gifts. Here are some wonderful suggestions that will help you in choosing the ideal gift for your parents.

Diwali Gifts ideas For Parents

Ganesha Idols And Frames
You can consider gifting Ganesha idols and frames in different forms and positions. Lord Ganesha is linked with auspicious beginnings and good fortunes. Most devout Hindus start new projects after appeasing Lord Ganesha. These can also be used as showpieces at homes or adorn it in their home temples.

Sweets And Chocolates
You can present handmade gifts and chocolates to your parents and your in-laws. Wear your chef’s apron and march into the kitchen to prepare the finest dishes that you can. Once you prepare mouthwatering and delectable dishes make sure to pack them in the best possible way. Add a personal note to it and experience the happiness and joy your parents show when they realize the amount of effort gone into it.

If you want to present something special to your parents this Diwali then you can consider gifting jewelry. Depending on your budget, you can choose the jewelry that you want to gift. Consider buying something elegant and subtle for the women folk like the golden earrings or brocade and stylish watches for men. You can add a personalized note with the gift.

Chair Set
A comfortable and elegant rocking chair set is an apt gift for your parents. A whole range of beautiful chair sets are available in the markets which are not only comfortable but also look good as they come in all kinds of designs.

Dinner Set
Dinner sets are a wonderful Diwali gift for parents. Dinning sets can be used as an item of utility for a longer time. Any dinner sets will contain serving bowls, plates, bowls, and glasses. You can personalize your Diwali set by adding a personal note or a Diwali card.

Homemade Gifts
You can get original by creating gifts with your own hands and make your parents happy this Diwali. You can consider engraving your father’s favorite poems, or a collage of photographs to remind your moms of good memories. You can even volunteer to do little things that matter to your parents and parent in laws to make them happy and feel blessed.