People celebrate the forth day of Diwali festival as the new year day.


The Forth day of diwali is known as Padwa or The New Year or Varsapratipada which marks the coronation of King Vikramaditya and Vikaram-Samvat.

Gudi Padwa
Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month. Gudi Padwa is celebrated as the New Year day by Maharashtrians. Gudi Padwa is also known as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This festival marks the beginning of the spring season .This festival symbolizes love and devotion between the wife and husband. On this day newly married daughters with their husbands are invited for special meals and given presents.

Govardhan Puja
In North India Govardhan-Puja is also performed on this day. This festival is in commemoration of the lifting of Mount Govardhan by Krishna. People of Gokul used to worship Indra regularly. But in one particular year the young Krishna stopped them. In anger Lord Indra sent a deluge to submerge Gokul. But Krishna saved his Gokul by lifting up the Govardhan Mountain and holding it over the people as an umbrella.

This day is also observed as Annakoot -meaning Mountain of food. In temples specially in Mathura and Nathadwara, the deities are given milk bath, dressed in shining attires with ornaments of dazzling diamonds, pearls, rubies and other precious stones. After the prayers and traditional worship innumerable varieties of delicious sweets are ceremoniously raised in the form of a mountain before the deities as "Bhog" and then the devotees approach the Mountain of Food and take Prasad from it.