Lamps are an integral part of Diwali. Check out the article for Diwali clay lamps presents ideas.

Diwali Diya Gifts

Diwali is a festival of lights and symbolizes victory of good over evil and brightness over darkness. On this occasion, Hindu families light diyas around their homes, to illuminate them on Amavasya night. A diya is a small earthen lamp that is especially lit on the Diwali night. It is also used during Lakshmi puja and for the Diwali decorations. A diya is filled with oil or ghee and a cotton wick is used for lighting it. As the festive season approaches, markets are flooded with puja items, decorative gifts, and traditional, earthen, as well as modern diyas.
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People also make diyas at homes by using clay or dough. There are a variety of crafted and designer diyas in the markets available during this time of the season. One can find diyas embellished with zari, silver diyas, satins, painted patterns, or decorated with glasswork. They look very appealing and attractive especially when they are lit. Besides the regular earthen diyas, you can also have lamps with Lakshmi or Ganesha embossed on them or multiple spout diyas. You can also find brightly colored diyas present in various melas and exhibitions. Diwali celebrations are incomplete without the use of diyas. Diyas are a part of Diwali custom and will always remain a significant part of the festival. Check out for various shapes and forms of Diwali diyas.

Diwali Lamps Gifts
There are different types of diyas varying in color, size and shape that are used during Diwali. Mentioned here is a list of diyas that you can get to decorate your homes during Diwali.

Red Diyas
Diwali is a festival of lights and lighting lamps in the night is a part of the custom. Red colored diyas are the most commonly used ones when it comes to Diwali decoration. You can decorate your homes and with a set of diyas made of clay, in a variety of shapes, and finely polished in ethnic colors. You can place a large diya in the center surrounded by small diyas. If you want to gift something traditional this diwali, red diyas are an option for you.

Wax Diyas
This Diwali festival you can light diyas made of wax with a wick in it. It does not require oil and burns with the help of wax. These are available in sets, are ornamented with glasswork, and elaborated beadwork. These wax diyas make a very good diwali party favors.

Swastika Diyas
Brighten up your festive mood by lighting up swastika diyas. Swastika is also considered a religious symbol for Hindus. These come in bright, earthen colors embroidered with silver and golden color works, with the main centerpiece larger and different in shape. Swastika diyas are a great gift option.

Terracotta Diyas
Terracotta diyas not only look elegant but also give your home decoration an ethnic look. This auspicious occasion of Diwali, you can light up terracotta diyas with beautifully crafted designs and shapes, and colorful embellishments on it. You can place them with rangoli design to give it a divine and festive touch. Light your friend and family's life by gifting them terracotta diyas this diwali.

Ethnic Diyas
Diwali is a time when the market is flooded with a variety of diyas in beautiful shapes and colors with ethnic touch. Some of exclusive diyas are the floating ones, finely polished with ethnic embellishments. They have readymade wicks to light them and look and give a heavenly touch to the festivity. Ethnic diyas would make a great gifting choice.

Makhhan Diyas
You can consider lighting lamps in an exotic arrangement of these makhan diyas paired with the ethnic terracotta diyas. They look divine when lighted and placed in the center of your rangoli design. These also make as exquisite gifts

A Set Of Seven Diyas
Make your lightings more special with a set of seven assorted diyas made with silver and minakari work. You can use them for your pooja thali too. The set contains one center main diya, which is also called Komal diya surrounded by six diyas. You can also gift this set of seven diyas stylish diyas decked in delicate patterns and bright colors. It gives an enchanting effect to your Diwali decorations.

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