Diwali gifts offer you finest ways of bringing those long treasured moments with your sisters. Check out ideas on Diwali presents for sisters.

Diwali Gifts For Sisters

Diwali has always been celebrated as a social festival rather than a religious one. Diwali festival ignites us to revive our values and relations that we share with people and above all the blood relationships. Sisters are one such bond that binds you for life. A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. You all remember how at times, you fight with your sister and still donít make it right. However, your heart says regardless of anytime of day or night you will come running to her in spite of all those silly fights.
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Such is the bond of a sister.. Such relationships are renewed especially during festive occasions, and Diwali is one such occasion. Exchanging gifts on an auspicious occasion is the grand gesture of wishing one good luck and well-being. They bring in sweetness in relations and strengthen the bond of love. Express you desire of sharing all the happiness with Diwali festivities to your sister by giving her a Diwali gift. Selecting gifts for sister can be tricky. In case you are unable to decide on a perfect Diwali Gift for your sister, here are some traditional and trendy Diwali gift ideas to choose from

Diwali Gift Ideas For Sisters

Embroidered Bag
What fish is to water, bags are to girls. They are of great utility. Present your sister with a trendy embroidered bag, which looks very classy and elegant. These bags are a perfect blend of modern and traditional style. To express your greetings for her, place personalized Diwali card with the bag. They will be of great use to her.

Cotton Suits And Sarees
Women love wearing the best clothes. One of the oldest traditions of diwali is to wear new clothes. Clothes are the best options for married or unmarried sisters. Embroidered, embellished, silk, cotton or zari suits and salwar kameezs are ideal kind of clothes for your sisters. A perfect Diwali Gift for married sisters could be designer Saree teamed with attractive jewelry. For a young teenage sister, gift her a pair of jeans.

All women appreciate jewelry no matter how old one is. They are a womanís best friends. There are infinite number of designs and varieties in jewelry depending upon oneís taste. Some prefer the old traditional temple style or the Meenakari style, while others prefer the more trendy and subtle designs. Know your sisters taste and penchant for jewelry and gift her a nice piece of jewelry this Diwali festival. She is bound to cherish it for a very long time to come.

Thali And Silver Utensils
You can present your sister with a traditional thali, which has beautiful decorations, crafts, and embellishments done on it. The thali can be accompanied with the images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi and other accessories. The accessories accompanied are clay diyas, katoris, a lota, a holder for incense sticks, and a prayer bell. They are all made in silver, which signifies the tradition of gifting silver on such auspicious occasion.

Memories From The Past
Bring out the old recordings, photographs of your sibling from as far as you can remember and wear the editorís hat. Make a compilation of your favorite clips, add your voice for a personalized touch, and bring the nostalgia back. Take your sister down the memory lane and remind her about the special relationship that you share with her. Pack it all with tears, joy laughter, pranks, and humor and celebrate an emotional and nostalgic Diwali. You can add sweets and fruits in the gift hamper.

Mithais And Fruits Hamper
Mithais and Fruits Hamper is a customary and popular Diwali gift for sisters and are still in rage. These are available with attractive packaging and can be stored for a longer time. A box of chocolates or dry fruits can also be presented as a wonderful Diwali gift.

Diwali is a time for cleaning, renovation, and painting the house. Old unused things are replaced by new things. Hence, a decorative piece is extremely popular as a Diwali gift. Depending on the taste, decor and style of the house you can buy wall hangings, crystal showpieces, lampshades, hanging bells, wall clocks and so many other things.