Make your loved ones feel cherished by sending them some exceptional gifts. Read on to know about online presents for Diwali.

Online Diwali Gifts

Life actually gives limited chances to send gifts to our loved-ones. We may think, it gives many, but busy lives don’t permit it. We may remember them forever, but seldom get a chance to express the missing love. Especially, if you are sitting aloof and sad in your office or house and you are uncountable miles away from them. Most of the times, we are so preoccupied in our work, that we just keep planning about sending gifts on grand occasions like Diwali.
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Probably, these are the times, when the word miss is not enough for expressing the dying urge to go home. Time goes by and we end up in nothing but “planning”. Never ever able to implement it in practicality. But the good news is that, development has given us numerous alternatives to implement it. One of the most popular among them is the “online method”. You can send whatever you think and can’t think of. Even if you have passed the ‘deadline’, you have still the liberty to get some relief. Don’t feel all the more murky, if you have this online option. How about receiving a Diwali gift a day before the festival? How nice it is to see a packet full of delicious sweets, crackers, colorful diyas, and traditionally laced thalis? You might feel awestruck. Suddenly that feeling of isolation may just finish, ending up in feeling like home. It may happen the other way round. When everyone else in your family would be missing you badly on the festival day, and suddenly they receive some special gifts from your end. The joy and the thrill at that very moment is enough to feel the distance fading away. “Relationships get’s sweeter, when you really ‘mean’ what you do”. Read on to know the article for sending online gifts for Diwali.

Online Diwali Gift Ideas

For Parents
Parents always top the list when it comes to giving gifts. Sending the gifts via online is yet another easy way. You can send brass diyas, designer lamps, coins, home furnishing gifts, Lakshmi-Ganesha wall hangings or some artistic wall hangings or Torans for doors, windows or worship place. You can also send a dinner set to grace the occasion. You need to have a credit card for sending the gift or you can pay in cash to the agents of the website. Do not forget to take an acknowledgement receipt.

For Sisters
You may like to send special Diwali wishes for your loved sister. It doesn’t matter, if she is married or not, but she will desperately wait for your heartfelt love in the form of wishes. A traditional kurta, suit, sari, artificial or real jewellary, accessories like a hand bag or perfume, or a kitchen set would gladden them. If you are sending the gift outside your country, then you should send it 8-9 days well in advance. It should reach a day before or on the festival day itself. Make sure whatever gifts you have sent should be properly packed and safely dispatched.

For Brothers
A gift for your brother should be unique and cool. He would doubtlessly appreciate a cool gadget like mp 3, I-pod, music player, or a mobile. It depends on your budget as to what you can afford to give. A box full of crackers would be something that is silently expected as an ad-on gift, so don’t forget to send that. You can also opt for a pair of gym suit, shoes or apparels. If you are sending gifts within a country itself, you will have to send it 4 days before the festival date.

For Friends
Diwali delights for your friends may include a pendant, small idols of God and Goddess, a box of dry fruits, chocolates, or perfumed candles. Your friends would be more than happy, even if you send them greeting cards. A little surprise can bring immense sweetness in your relations.

For Relatives
You can try your hand on some combo gifts as well; they are mostly affordable and contain variety of gifts. You can opt for a combo of chocolates, greeting cards and crackers. Other combos include flowers, designer diyas and brass bowls. A combo of bed sheet and curtains can also be an ideal gift for them. You can go ahead with different kind of combos available online. Make sure you must have a proof of the payment you have made for the gift.