For the Corporate world, Diwali is a time to build relationships with employees and clients. Here are some ideas for corporate presents.

Corporate Diwali Gifts

Diwali is one of the most captivating festivals of India. The Festival of Diwali is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm throughout the country. India looks dazzling on Diwali day as all streets and houses light up with traditional Diyas, candles and strands of small electric bulbs to mark the festival of light. Exchanging gifts is a traditional and important part of the festival. For the corporate world and businesses, Diwali is an occasion to indulge and pamper. It is the time to make associations and relationships with employees, clients, and business partners, by pampering them a little.
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It has been a traditional and socially acceptable way of expressing appreciation and admiration to customers and associates. While presenting corporate gifts, companies also request for continued support from their employees and clients. It not only builds their image but helps strengthen long-lasting relationships and goodwill of the company. Hence, corporate companies understand the benefits of corporate gifts and so they loosen up their purse strings and present gifts generously. Here are some ideas for corporate gifts.

Corporates Diwali Gifts Ideas

Gifts Vouchers
Diwali is a perfect occasion to celebrate company’s performance and success in the fiscal year. Individual performances are often recognized in corporate sectors with certificates and awards. These awards can be paired with gift vouchers as special diwali gifts.

To motivate their employees corporate companies give away bonuses. For the corporate world and companies, it is a time to build relationships with business partners, clients, and employees. By distributing bonus they share the wealth and profits that they have earned with the support of there employees and clients.

Electronic Gadgets
Electronic gadgets are highly appreciated as corporate gifts. People look forward to buying new gizmos and gadgets as there are plenty of discounts available during diwali season. There is no amount of happiness that can be measured if you receive a gift that you have been saving for all throughout the year. Popular electronic gadgets include digital cameras, handy cams, DVD players, iPods, PDA, Blackberry, latest mobile phones, LCD TVs or laptops. The only factor that has to be considered is budget and whatever is decided the quality of the product has to be maintained.

Crockery Items
Gifting crockery or glassware is considered traditional but they are among favorites with every family. Beautiful dinner sets, glass wares coffee sets, tea sets and stylish cutlery are a perfect idea. For people who have a taste for wines, they can be gift beautifully designed wine glasses, bar tool set, cocktail shakers, bar tool sets and many such attractive gift items. If budget is not constraint, you can go for silver and crystal embellished crockery.

Ornamental And Decorative Items
Diwali festival is a time for cleaning, renovating and painting houses. People discard the clutter to be replaced with new things. Hence, it is a good idea to include decorative things like paintings, sculptures, handy crafts, flower vases, chandeliers, lamps, wall hangings, hanging bells, silver idols of deities and many more interesting things that flood the market during this time.

Stationery Gifts
Another interesting corporate gift idea is presenting employees with desk top gifts which are of immense utility to them. These include branded pens, leather portfolio bags, travel organizers, coaster sets, personalized wrist watches, coffee table books etc make noteworthy corporate diwali gifts.

Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen appliances are favorites with the women folk in the family. They can be included as corporate gifts for diwali. There is a great range and variety in these appliances. Mixer grinders, microwave ovens, washing machines, food processors, cutlery and dinner sets, pots and pans are ideal.

Foods And Gourmet Gifts
Diwali is a time to indulge in savories and delicacies. Diwali sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, cookies, fruits, jams, and traditional mithais are an excellent idea for diwali gifts. Since diwali is a family festival keep the tastes of all age groups in mind while selecting the gift hamper.