Celebrate Diwali by giving crystal presents to your closed ones. Check out some crystal gift ideas for Diwali.

Diwali Crystal Gifts

Diwali (Deepavali) is one of the major Indian festivals celebrated whole heartedly throughout the country. The occasion marks the return of Lord Rama to his home (Ayodhya) after 14 years of exile. And on that night, the people celebrated their king’s return with open arms. They lit up the entire town with oil lamps and the sky was filled with firecrackers. Ever since, the 15th day of Kartik (in the Hindu month) has been celebrated as Diwali. It is a festival of firecrackers, lights, sweets and also has a tradition of exchanging gifts.
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Gift exchanging is one such facet that is done as a symbol of love and affection. Buying a gift for your friends and family is not that easy, as you really need to scratch your brain while shopping. While selecting a Diwali gift, you need to first consider the likes, dislikes, and age of the person. When it comes to gift giving, nothing can match the versatility of a crystal gift. One of the unique features of crystal ware is that they are engraved to make exclusive or personalized crystal gifts. Just think of how grateful your loved one or your family member will be when you present them with this very own personalized crystal gift. These amazing crystals draw the attention of all age groups. Here are some unique crystal gift ideas for Diwali to leave an everlasting impression on your family, friends, and dear ones.

Crystal Gifts For Diwali

Crystal Vase
A Crystal Vase is a perfect Diwali gift for friends/colleagues. There are varieties of crystal vases available in the markets. However, the Italian crystal vase definitely stands out and is quite a rage in the world of fashion. Along with these crystal vases, you can also pack up beautiful Diwali diyas and send it across. The vases and diyas will ensure that you and your gift will be remembered for a very long time. By gifting these crystal vases which are an embodiment of grace and elegance you can carve a niche for yourselves in your loved ones heart.

Crystal Juice Glasses
Another option for a perfect Diwali gift for friends/colleagues can be crystal juice glasses. These elegant and attractive glasses can prove to be very useful, as they are apt to serve cocktails and beverages.

Crystal Ganesha
Ganesha is widely worshipped as the ‘Lord of Obstacles’ and more generally as ‘Lord of Beginnings’ and ‘Remover of Obstacles’. Therefore, gifting a crystal Ganesha statuette can also be a perfect Diwali gift for your friends/colleagues. It is believed that a crystal Ganesha can harmonize and remove the negative energy. You can pick any beautiful carved Ganesh statues in the market.

Swarovski Gifts
Swarovski crystals can also be gifted to make the occasion more delightful. The Swarovski Crystal sphere includes miniatures, crystal sculptures, jewellery, couture, and home decor. These are available in attractive designs. Crystal ware is expensive, but you should be fine if it is gifted only to your loved ones or within immediate family.