‘Traditional and trendy ‘is the call of the Diwali season. Read on to be familiar with some interesting Diwali decorative presents.

Diwali Decorative Gifts

We Indians have modernized our lifestyles with regard to contemporary society. At the same time, we are strongly attached to our roots. When it comes to following traditions, nobody can outshine us. Be it organizing holy ceremonies, decorating the house, gifting some trendy and traditional gifts to our loved ones, we are ready to do anything which will charm the occasion. Luckily for us, now-a-days we have an unlimited number of choices to make. Door-hangings, candles, lamps, statues of gods and goddess and wall hangings are some of the most beautiful decor items that can be gifted to someone.
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They are easily available in the market and that too in the most creative shapes and styles that we can ever imagine. Feasibility and availability are the two main features that we should consider while shopping for such gifts. Read on, to know more about some interesting decorative items that you can gift to someone this festive season.

Diwali Decorative Gifts Ideas

Torans Or Wall Hangings
It is handmade and comes embellished with glass work, bells, beads, shells and holy imagery. It can be a long toran or can even be a small one in different colors like red, yellow, green, blue or golden. It can be used to adorn the main doors or even the entrance of a pooja ghar. It looks beautiful and gives a very festive look to house. It will be a unique gift for your family or relatives.

Decorative Lamps
These artistic lamps made from paper, brass, glass, clay, wood and fiber. They look prettier than one can imagine. When it is lit, it illuminates the room with splendid colors and an amazing loveliness. It is just like adding an extra bit in your regular decoration. Anybody and everybody would feel elated to receive such a long-lasting gift.

Unique Candles
A calm, soothing and aromatic atmosphere is an unsaid necessity in any place. Candles have become a style quotient now-a-days. They are available in splendid aromas, designs and flairs. It feels really divine and blissful to float some candles in a brass or clay pot filled with water and petals. It is a unique idea to gift something like this.

Sculptures And Idols
Worshipping idols is an intrinsic part of any family’s day to day activities. It is important from a religious point of view. So, gifting such idols or sculptures made of brass, metal, clay, marble or fiber will certainly grace the occasion. Ganesha is the universal gift idol which is given by everyone on this auspicious festival. Now-a-days, you can also buy some plain clay idols and can paint them in your favorite colors. Idols of Goddess Lakshmi can also given be gifted to near and dear ones.

Diyas mark the culture of the festival. People buy a lot of them to adorn their homes on the day. It makes more sense to gift someone such things which are available in ingenious designs and styles. Apart from all these artistic gift items, you can also gift rangoli making sieves, stickers and stylishly packed set of rangoli colors. The gift items are reasonable and you can always lift somebody’s festive spirit with them.