Diwali Festival

Acquire or gifting gold items is considered to be auspicious on diwali. Listed below are ideas for diwali gold presents.

Diwali Gold Gifts

Diwali is a festival of lamps and lights. It is celebrated throughout India on the fifteenth day of the month of Kartika or Ashwin. Many days prior to the festival, people visit their near and dear ones with packs of gifts covered in fancy wrappers. Exchanging gifts is also a part of tradition and an old custom.. As times have changed, exchange of gifts has also reached newer dimensions. There were times when exchanging sweets was a custom and was considered as a token of love and affection.
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In today’s time with a higher standard of living, people exchanging unique and lavish gifts are considered as compulsory social obligations. The kind of gifts has undergone a huge change over the years. The craze of exchanging expensive gifts has gained momentum as it suggests one’s class in society. Lavish gifts made of gold, increasingly make rounds this festival as it is considered to be a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Scroll down the article for interesting ideas on gold diwali gifts.

Diwali Gold Gift Ideas
  • You can gift you loved ones gold coins. It is believed that gifting gold coins depicting Lakshmi brings home lots of luck and prosperity on diwali. They make great gifts as assets and something for you to treasure for a long time. They make an excellent gifting idea.
  • You can consider gifting a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha on a gold plated natural peepal leaf.  The Peepal leaf is considered to be very scared in Hindu Mythology and is regarded to be auspicious when kept in a place of worship.
  • You can consider gifting a gold chain to your loved ones depending on your budget. There are many varieties available like the ethnic, fancy and the real gold chain with pearls and stones embedded in it. It can compliment your Indian as well as western outfits.
  • Gifting your loved ones a gold pendant can make them feel on top of the world. There are various designs available according to ones tastes and budgets. Some gold pendants even come in the form of lockets. Try gifting one of these; they make a sure winning gift.
  • Another interesting idea is presenting a travel photo frame with gold plated idols of Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi. It can be used as centerpiece for your desk tops or car dashboards and ideal for offering prayers while on journey.
  • With diwali festival at its peak there are many traditional and modern art works in different forms present. Gold wood art is a traditional way of treating wood with 24 carat gold leaf to make beautiful objects of art. You can present a set of candle stands made by the same procedure giving it a royal look.
  • You can consider giving your loved ones a gold bracelet or a gold bangle set with stones and pearls embedded in it. A variety of modern and ethnic designs are available in the market.
  • To celebrate the festival of diwali, you can gift your near and dear ones with offerings made of gold like the gold pendants, earrings, exclusive gold flower garlands and picture frames and many more like this.
  • This diwali season gift gold item with a festive theme like the gold pendant in the shape of the feet of the goddess Lakshmi etc.