Gift something matchless to your loved ones this Diwali. Read on to know some innovative craft ideas for Diwali.

Art and Craft Gifts for Diwali

Why are some people so obsessed with hand-made articles? You might have seen such obsessions in your family, relatives, or friends. People look around for them, when the market place is full of all the shining stuff. The detail and the authentic touch, which is revealed in a handmade item, is something that is well sought. The festive feeling is more prominent when you involve yourself in such efforts. People have their unique ways to gift their family or friends on occasions. They want their gifts to stand out from the rest. If you are interested and ready to walk that extra mile, then have a good look at these details. Creating something on your own and buying it from somewhere makes a difference. The difference may not be in the quality, but in the excitement, which you will enjoy in crafting something on your own. Get ready with some glazing cellophane paper, beads, glitter, bell colors, shimmer, scissors, stickers, and the drive! You might think of it as an assignment, but when you will actually make something, you will get the hang of it. You will be surprised to see what you can do with very basic. Convert a simple paper and some waste colors to a decorative lamp, make use of old sieves to make charming rangoli, paint the clay statues of Ganesha and Lakshmi. Read to know how you can make Diwali art and crafts gifts.

Homemade Art & Craft Gifts For Diwali

Paper Craft
You can use colored cellophane papers and kite papers to make some artistic lampshades or jhumars, flowers, leaves and torans or wall hangings. You can make lampshades by rolling the paper sheet first, cut the bottom 5 inches into thin strips and bend then from the middle. Paint the folded paper in your choice of colors and shimmer it with some gold or silver shades. When done with painting, make a hole on the top for fixing the bulb wire. Now you can decorate it with cuts outs of leaves, lace or paper chains. When you have fixed the bulb in that, you can fix a conical shape over the lamp to make it more attractive. Gift it to someone to see those flattering and surprising expressions.

Clay Decor
The magic of colors would be seen, when you couple it with your imagination. You can paint the sculptures of God and Goddesses with clay abrasives and colors. Paint your Ganesha this year with your favorite colors. Apart from statues of God and Goddesses, you can also get some clay elephants and can create a nice piece of decor on it. You can paint the elephant and drape it with a bandini print cloth, fixing some bells or chains at the bottom. You can gift such beautiful handmade items to your family, relatives, or friends. Paint some diyas as well with all the bright colors of gold, silver, blue, and red. Decorate them with small rhombus shaped mirror pieces and shimmer.

Cloth Decor
You can also experiment with some nice cotton and Jaipuri print material to make door hangings or tablemats. Take a thick cotton cloth and cut into different shapes of Ganesha, flowers, elephant, leaves and other religious symbols. Then color the cloth with a fabric dye, let it dry and then decorate it with mirrors, bells, glitter linings, or borders. Surprise your relatives by gifting some artistically made pieces.

Flower Decor
Flower decor in any form like garlands or strands creates an aura of simplicity and traditionalism. You can make use of the flower decor in anything. You can take some flowers petals and make them float in a clay, glass, or brass vessel. You can drape the windows of your house with the flowers and can do the same on the door and balconies.

In this way, you can gift your unique creations to your loved ones and make distinctions from others in terms of the way you want to greet them.