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Diwali Door Hangings

Diwali is one of the most celebrated religious festivals that is famous for its gaiety and fervor. The festival is celebrated across five days and all Hindus decorate their homes with ornamental pieces and fancy items. A door hanging is also known as toran, which is also considered as one of the traditional forms of welcoming people to your home or work place. The door hangings are rich in design, colors, and are made in variety of materials to fit in the occasion. You can get a range of traditional and modern door hangings for all kinds of budgets. You can decorate the length and breadth of the door by beautiful door hangings or simply gift it to your loved ones. One of the most striking decorative items is the omnipresent Diwali door hangings which is also considered sacred by Hindus. Check out some of the splendid Diwali door hanging options available.

Diwali Door Hanging Ideas

It is a door hanging which is hung at the entrance of houses from one end of the door to another. It is believed to ward away any evil or bad omens that might enter through the entrance of the house. It is also hanged at the entrance to welcome a guest on festive occasions. Generally, red and yellow colors are believed to be auspicious for these decorative items. They are made in different materials, patterns, and colors. You can either make one yourself or buy from the markets, which are available in delightful designs.

Framed Ganesha Door Hangings
Lord Ganesha is considered as the remover of all obstacles and is worshipped on this day as a lucky charm to start any new business ventures. The image of Ganesha is delicately carved, bejeweled, and adorned. The ceramic panel with its floral motifs in beautiful colors enclosed with a wooden frame to secure it makes it a neat and unique door hanging. As Lord Ganesha is worshipped by one and all it can also be gifted to family and friends.

Manjula Bandhanwar
The bandhanwar is decorated in red beads and floral arrangements embellished with danglers. The borders of the door hangings on the top carry the golden images of Ganesha. These bandhanwars are handcrafted in the villages of Rajasthan and Gujarat that are typical in designs and patterns. These are very popular abroad. They add traditional style and grace to the decoration of the house. A lot of wooden handcrafted parrots, tinkling golden or silver color bells, and crystal globules are embellished at the bottom of the door hangings. They are hooked on either side of the doors. These are specially hung during the festivities to welcome guests and décor the house.

These are very popular as door hangings. These are also considered as lucky charms and are favorites as Diwali gifts. These can be hung at the door, a wall or near the windows. They come in various designs and patterns, and are made of different metals. Chimes made from wood can also produce sounds like the music from flutes or the metal ones can create shrilly or sweet musical sound. They are not only popular as decorating items but also as personal gifts.

Door Hanging With Rudraksh Beads
The Rudraksh is considered as sacred among Hindu families and has a special religious significance. They are extensively used for various religious purposes and have diverse significance and meaning according to the patterns and shapes they come in. These make unique door hangings that give ethnic touch to the decoration of the entrances. They are perfect and an exceptional gift during Diwali festivities.