Diwali is a festival of lights, crackers, and sweets. Check out ideas on Diwali sweets thali gifts.

Diwali Sweets Gifts

Diwali is a grand festival of lights, crackers, laughter, and sweets. Its a festival of myths, mysteries, history and mythologies. Its a festival of win of good over evil. The night of Amavasya is lit up with crackers and sparklers in the sky. The young and old meet in delight and elated children jump and run with joy. Everyone enjoys a royal feast of sumptuous sweets and snacks. The atmosphere is very vibrant with family reunions, diyas, rangolis, new clothes, and mouth-watering sweets. Diwali sweets are not only made for self consumption but for exchanging gifts.

In the smaller towns, traditional households prepare special delicacies few days before the festival arrives. And those people who have time are time bound, get their share of sweets offered by popular sweet shops. Mithai form an important part of Ganesh and Lakshmi puja conducted on Diwali. The Gods are offered different types of Mithai or sweets as `prasaad' or `naivedhyam', which are then distributed among family members and friends. Each region has its own traditional recipes for sweets and delicacies on Diwali festival. Scroll down to check some lip-smacking diwali sweets.

Sweets For Diwali Festival

Badam Katli
Badam Katli is made from almonds and is a popular rich Indian sweet. Dry fruits are the season of diwali and hence it is a perfect sweet for the festivity. It is made from almonds, sugar, milk, and ghee. The Katli is marked out in diamond shapes and is decorated with edible silver foil. Stored in butter paper it is a lip-smacking sweet for Diwali.

Rava Ladoo
Any joyous occasion or festivity is incomplete without the preparation of ladoos. Rava laddos is one such sweet, which is quick to make and can be stored for a longer time to savor its flavor. It is made of semolina, desiccated coconut, sugar, milk, and ghee. These are shaped into round balls and are a delectable Diwali sweet.

Mysore Pak
Mysore pak is another traditional famous Indian sweet. It is made from gram flour, ghee, and sugar. These are cut into rectangular shapes and are stored in butter paper. These can be savored even after your festivities are over as they remain fresh for a long time and are a part of festivities and celebrations.

Kalakand is a mouth watering Indian sweet, which is very popular among kids. This is made form cottage cheese, cream, sugar, ghee, and cardamom powder. This sweet can be made in different flavors and can be stored for few days when refrigerated.

Gulab Jamun
This is one Indian sweet that is very popular among all groups of ages. It is made from dough prepared by mixing milk solids and then soaked in sugar syrup flavored with rose water, saffron, pistachio, and cardamoms. It tastes heavenly and is an ideal sweet for Diwali festivity.

Sandesh is a sweet that originated in Bengal. It is made from cheese, sugar, and cardamom powder. These are molded in desired shapes and are great to serve on Diwali festivity. These are extremely popular in not only Bengal but all over the country and are a part of various Indian festivals.

Other Indian Sweets
Apart from these Indian sweets, there are assortments of various sweets that can be prepared or gifted during Diwali festival. These include, puran poli, pedas, anarsa, boondi, carrot halwa, kaju katli, rasgullas, barfi, are many of some Indian sweets that are prepared and gifted during Diwali festival. Other Indian sweets with regional flavors are also popular during the festivals.