Diwali, a 'festival of lights' is celebrated with the colorful fireworks and crackers. Read the article to learn about firecrackers as diwali presents.

Diwali Crackers

Diwali (Deepavalli) is a 'festival of lights' celebrated with loads of fun, joy and enthusiasm. Every year Diwali arrives in all its intensity and sparkle. The festival reminds us of the brilliant display of the colorful fireworks and crackers, which explode in the dark nights. Children and youth eagerly wait for the arrival of the festival. The word 'Deepavali' in Sanskrit means 'rows of lamps'. Diyas are lit in order to drive away the shadows of 'evil spirits'. Diwali is celebrated for five successive days in the month of October/ November. The festival begins with Dhan Trayodashi (Dhanteras), Narak Chaturdashi (Chhoti Diwali), Badi Diwali, Govardhan Pooja and Bhai Dooj. All wear new clothes, share sweets, light fireworks, and exchange gifts. The festival is celebrated on Amavasya (new moon day) of the Karthik month of the Hindu calendar. People of all the age groups (from young to old) have fascination for crackers. Fireworks add to the sparkling festivity and lights up the sky at night. Their sparkle is a visual delight. Despite a growing anti-cracker campaign, there is no downslide in its popularity. Phuljhari, Anar, chakra, and other ear deafening bombs are burst during the festival.

Crackers Gifts For Diwali
Diwali is incomplete without fireworks and the festival marks the triumph of good over evil and dispels darkness. One must learn to be extremely cautious while dealing with fireworks. However, that should not dampen your Diwali spirits. Celebrate your Diwali with various forms of innovative crackers and light up the night sky.

These are a must in the list of Diwali crackers as they are easy to handle and popular with kids. These are tiny hand held fountains that spark off colored sparks from the burning tip. There are sparkles available in small size as well as large size with single color or mixed color sparkles. These are only fireworks, which are meant to be held; still one has to be cautious when children are handling one.

These fireworks are fun to watch when lighted as they circle around emitting sparkles and spreading the joy of Diwali festivity. Wheels are designed to be joined to some kind of vertical support like a thin nail or rod. When lit they spin around in the center emitting showers of sparks, whistles and crackle. Some people even light it on the ground and enjoy the site of it.

Fountains are one of the favorites among all age groups of people; they do not make any noise and are great to look at. Fountains are kept on the ground, and when lit emit showers of colored sparks in the upwards direction. They come in small size and large sizes with single or multiple colors. They provide and compliment aerial displays of fireworks with beautiful colors.

Rockets And Missiles
These Diwali firecrackers need adult guidance. Rockets when lit blast up into the sky, and emit a sparkling effect of crackle or star with sound. Rockets and missiles are of two types, bottle rockets and skyrockets. They are usually available in packages and assortments of different sizes. These firecrackers can be seen from anywhere in the sky.

Snakes And Strobes
Strobes firecrackers are available in different boxes and numbers, and they emit dazzling and disorienting flashing of light. Snakes are available in the form of small pellets. When lit they emit a long fragile carbon ash that gives it a look of a snake coming out of the ground. It is relatively a safe firecracker and is popular among children.

Assortments Of Firecrackers
These packages contain of fireworks that come in all sizes, shapes, types and prices. When bought together they come for a reasonably good price than buying each separate cracker which would raise your budget. An assortment of fireworks will provide you with a variety of stuff that will save your time and money. You can always select packs according to your taste, or you can go for a small or large family pack. An assortment pack generally contains items like the fountains, poppers, wheels, smokes, rockets and more.

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