There are different candles available in the market during Diwali festivity as it is a festival of lights. Check the article for Diwali candle present ideas.

Diwali Candles

Diwali is a festival of lights, lighting earthen diyas is the traditional way, candles have also gained popularity as the markets, and Indians have globalised. Candles also match in terms of looks and attractiveness with the traditional diyas, they burn for a longer period and are convenient to use. Because of their availability and convenience to use, they are quite popular in India. The candle business has achieved reasonable amount of success in the last few years.

Diwali is a major festival, lights are an intrinsic part of it, hence lighting diyas, and in modern times, candles usher in the fervor of Diwali festivity. They can also be used for puja, decorations and gifting your loved ones. There are varied types of candles in various shapes, sizes, and colors available in the markets. Markets and shops are stocked with exclusive varieties of Diwali candles. They also symbolize the triumph of light over darkness. Read the article for Diwali candle gifts.

Diwali Candle Gifts

Floating Candles
It is an extraordinary Diwali candle set with beautiful floating candles in the shape of flowers. They look dazzling and are perfect for Diwali and gifting. You can send these candles to your loved ones or use them yourselves for bright celebrations.

Designer Diwali Candles
These candles are handmade and are available in various bright colors and are superior in quality and price. People love to decorate special corners of house with something classy and elegant. They give a vibrant touch to the decor of the house. They come in exquisite designs and are in vogue among people. These also make a perfect gift as they bring in joy and happiness.

Gel Candles
Diwali is a festival of lights and candles look very stylish and elegant when lighted and decorated in the house. The set consists of delicate glass pots consisting of colored gels. The quality of wax is high and ensures that the candle burns for longer time. They look very elegant and are perfect as gifts as well as decorating homes.

Flower Candles
These candles come in various shapes and colors of flowers like the rose, sunflower or the lotus, containing a mini glass which is filled with wax. They burn for longer hours and look absolutely marvelous. They can be used as an ornamental piece or a decorative item even when the candle is not illuminated. Some of them even are perfumed and when lighted the fragrance fills the house ushering in the feeling of the festivity.

Cylindrical And Rounded Candles
Wax candles are molded as tall cylindrical glass shaped containers and also rounded shape which can also float. These are designed with the images of Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, OM, swastik, shree and many such religious symbols. They look stunning when lit as well as a good idea to gift to your close ones on occasion of Diwali.