People of India have several believes and superstitions regarding the rituals of Diwali.

Diwali Superstitions

There are several superstitions related to Diwali Festival. Different Diwali rituals are done throughout the country.

Most of the Hindus clean their house in this day. They decorate their houses with flowers and rangolis. They believe that Goddess Lakshmi , who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity will arrives in a clean and decorated house. They also believe that If the goddess arrives in any house this day, prosperity will be there for the whole year. Some people build an altar to Lakshmi and decorate it with symbols of prosperity, cars, homes, and fake money.

Gambling is another ritual of Diwali. Some Hindus believe that gambling in this night will bring prosperity throughout the year.

Diyas At night traditional Diyas with wicks and mustard oil are lit. They lit candles and decorate both outside and inside of their houses. They believe that Lakshmi will be better able to find her way to the homes well-lit.

Women and girls often set chirags afloat on the Ganges River. If the light makes it to the other side of the river, this is taken as a sign of good luck.

Visiting Temples
The businessmen visit the local temples to pray for good luck and fortune in the next year.

Driving out Alakshmi
This ritual is generally done by the oldest woman of the house .As, Alaksmi is the goddess of bad luck, poverty, and misfortune, so she has to be driven out from the houses.