Decorate your home with diya. Happy Diwali 2005.

Decorating Diyas

The word Diwali derives from the word ' Deepavali'. Diyas are inseparable parts of Diwali. Illuminitating Diyas outside houses is the most common scene in this day. Though in these days electric lights are replacing earthen Diyas ,still the charm of traditional Diwali Hindu Lamps is there.

A Diya is a small earthen lamp that is lit especially at Diwali. They are usually made of clay. Ghee or oil is used as the fuel and cotton wool as the wick. Sometimes they are made by part filling a glass with colored water, Ghee is floated on top, and again cotton wool used as a wick. Children could make there own Diya with air-dried clay or play dough. For safety reason these diyas should not be lit with Ghee and cotton wool.

There are different kinds of Diwali Diyas available in the market. They can be in different shapes even in the shape of Parvati. One can buy the simple earthen ones and decorate it in house. It can be painted in different shades of single colour. Special Diwali motifs can be painted on the diyas too. The earthen diya used on the occasion of Diwali, reflects ancient design sense that is simple and stunning in concept and universal in appeal. Diyas can be ornamented with mirror-work or Jaris. They can be embellished with fragrant dried flowers. Diya Decoration is a common practice in Hindu families during Diwali.