This is the main day of Diwali. People celebrate this day with fireworks , new clothes and they exchange Diwali gifts.

Main Diwali

The third day of Diwali or the Main Diwali is the day when Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. People celebrate this with a lot of enthusiasm. All the houses are illuminated and people forget their differences and go to the temple for worship. Diwali is the last day of financial year in traditional Hindu business and businessmen perform Chopda Puja on this day on the new books of accounts.

Main Diwali celebrations
On the dark new moon night, the entrances to all homes are lit up and decorated with rangoli patterns to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth .The Hindus cleanse themselves and join with their families and their Pandit (priest) and they worship the divine Goddess Lakshmi to achieve the blessings of wealth and prosperity, the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

The evening of this day is really interesting. People lit earthen clay lamps with a wick and oil. Even electric lights of different patterns are used. And then the day ends with a mega cracker bursting sessions. People spend thousand of rupees in the fire works. They wear new clothes, give greetings and gifts and embrace each other.

Lakshmi Puja
Lakshmi Puja consists of a combined puja of five deities: Ganesha is worshiped at the beginning of every auspicious act as Vighnaharta; Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in her three forms - Mahalakshmi (the goddess of wealth and money), Mahasaraswati (the goddess of books and learning), and Mahakali; Kuber (the treasurer of the gods) is also worshiped.

Main Diwali in South India
In south India a morning bath is very essential on the main Diwali day. People bathe before sunrise, after good oil massage and it is considered very auspicious. A bathe in starlight, before sunrise, is accepted as a bath in the holy Ganga.